Certified Organic • Sustainable
Head Pruned • 3’x6′ Close Spacing • Hand-harvest • Hand-Pruned

Before planting the vineyards in 2000, Vintner Gabrielle Leonhard, created a horticultural plan to enrich the growing environment to create the biodiversity needed to keep the estate vineyard and gardens naturally healthy and grow fruit that is the ultimate varietal and terroir expression. The result is an opulently delicious wine!

Plants that attract beneficial insects, birds & bees were planted in the gardens to benefit the vineyard. Then they were harvested to create Gabrielle’s GC products from the estate olive grove, lavender field, herb garden, citrus & fruit orchard. It is an extension of artful wine country living and a complement to the O’Connell Family Wines.

Bordering on Dry Creek, an additional responsibility arose to help maintain the health of the Creek and its population and use only practices that are sustaining to its habitat.

The vineyard is irrigated minimally, and partially dry-farmed. Separate irrigation lines control that only the plants needing water during summer heat spikes, receive it; assuring small berry size and concentration plus water conservation.

The head pruning technique is used in premium vineyards in California and France. It requires skill on the part of the vineyard workers to select the canes to produce the best fruit. The clusters grow close to the truck, so receive nutrients evenly with other clusters, increasing quality.

The close spacing of the vines on a 3’x 6′ grid stresses the vines and produces smaller berries with an excellent juice to skin ratio, which lends concentrated flavors to the wine. This does require hand-work in the vineyard, but is worth the effort!

All our vineyard practices are done to reach for highest quality and expression of the terroir.

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