Planted to: Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 337 Rootstock 10114
Soil Type: Pleasanton Loam with veins of Riverwash

When the vineyard was developed, Gabrielle insisted on saving the heritage apple tree. She strongly believes in bio-diversity of the vineyard environment. It still produces delicious apples and is a beautiful accent to the adjoining vineyard.

apple block

The Apple Block has more gravely veins due to its proximity to Dry Creek. Fine gravel continuously washes to the surface and its soil does not have great moisture retention. Those qualities create very concentrated fruit that resulting in a richly textured wine. When visiting the vineyard, guests observe that the canes are much smaller in diameter than the Olive Block only 15 feet across the driveway- a result of less rich soil, less water available to the roots and challenging navigation through dense layers of river cobble. The Apple Block is managed to lower fruit load to not overstress the vines and extract maximum flavors. This vineyard ripens 7-10 days weeks later than the neighboring Olive Block, so hand harvesting is done in phases, each determined by the block’s ripening schedule dictated by its unique soil structure.

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